Terms of Service

This application aims to connect technical experts with the customer who wants the service. By using the application, the user agrees to abide by the terms and conditions stated on this page or in any other part of the application, noting that these terms are subject to change or amendment at any time without prior notice, so the terms must be reviewed periodically and to continue using the application after publishing any amendments that mean Approved. Definitions: 1- The following means in this agreement: (Service Provider) The expert who provides the service. (The customer) the applicant and the beneficiary of the service. (User) maintenance expert and customer. (Service) The work performed by the maintenance expert for the beneficiary. (Application) Experto application and management operating in it. Sign up for Experto: 2- A person over the age of 18 participates as a service provider, and the application has the right to cancel the account if it becomes evident otherwise. 3- In the event that the service provider registers as a commercial establishment, center, or commercial entity, then this commercial entity shall be bound by all the conditions stated in this agreement. 4- The service provider must provide the application with all the required information and documents, and acknowledge their validity and bear responsibility if proven otherwise. Intellectual property rights: 5- All content in this application such as images, drawings, shapes, models, etc. is the property of the Xperto app. Controls, Commitments and Declarations: 6- Subscription to (the application) is free. 7- The service provider is obligated to pay the fees resulting from the operations that he performs through the application and transfer them directly to one of the Experto app accounts. 8- When the service provider reaches the maximum of the commissions owed by him for the application, his account will be frozen until the fees are paid. 9 - The service provider is obligated to follow up the requests immediately and when the service provider is late in providing the service for an hour from the time it is assigned to him, the application has the right to cancel it. 10- When the service provider refuses three requests, the application has the right to suspend his account without any compensation. 11- The service provider must adhere to providing his service to the fullest and make every effort to perform the service provided to the customer, and if it is proven otherwise, the application will terminate his account without any compensation. 12- The user's account is sufficient for any legal requirements regarding notices and notifications between him and the application or between him and the service provider, and in the event that one of them changes something of his data related to that, he is obligated to notify the other (in writing - or through the application) immediately after the change, otherwise the notifications are considered The old account data is a window facing it. 13- The customer has the right to evaluate the performance of the service provider and comment on it, and the application has the right to publish this evaluation and comment in a manner that does not violate public morals and regulations. 14- The service provider may request the removal of negative ratings and comments if he proves to have avoided them. 15- For the application to verify the proper functioning of its services, including viewing the messages between the customer and the service provider. 16- The repair of smart devices is limited to Saudis in Saudi Arabia according to the Ministry of Labor system, and it is not allowed to enter this service for anyone who violates the work regulations. 17- The service provider declares that he does not use original Apple spare parts and disclaims the application's responsibility for any damages arising from that. the responsibility: 18- The application does not make any undertakings or guarantees in relation to the service provided and it disclaims its responsibility for it. 19- The service provider is obligated to compensate for any damages that he may cause while serving the customer and may reach compensation with a similar device in the event that it is impossible to repair the device due to the failure of the service provider. 20- The application is not responsible for any unsatisfactory action by the parties. 21- The application is not responsible for any claim that arises as a result of the parties' error or negligence. Expiration of the contractual bond: 22- The application's relationship with the service provider ends when one of the conditions of this agreement is immediately violated, and no compensation is required for that. 23- The relationship of the application with the service provider ends upon the desire of the service provider or application to terminate it. Jurisdiction: 24- These terms and conditions are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Islamic Sharia, and any dispute in which the application is a party, the solution is amicable first, and if the solution is not amicable, then the Saudi courts are the competent to consider this dispute. Hardware Warranty and Repair: 25- Experto is an independent service company and is not affiliated in any way with Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and other brands. 26- Repairs or technical support provided by any service provider for Apple devices are of high quality and do not use Apple spare parts and void the manufacturer's warranties. Experto assumes no liability in the event of the manufacturer's warranties canceled, and each service provider will provide its own warranty on the parts and / or services performed. Trademarks: 27- “Experto” and the owned logos, words and other logos in the application are either registered or unregistered trademarks of Experto, and they are protected by the rights and laws of ownership of other international and intellectual trademarks. Experto trademarks may not be used for products or services outside of Experto or that may detract from its value or credibility. All other trademarks not owned by Experto that appear in the application are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, related to, or sponsored by Experto. Account retrieval and deletion services: 28- The speed of the service and the duration of its implementation depend on the speed of response of the communication platform on which the service is to be implemented. 29- At the time of implementing the service, it is forbidden for the customer to try to solve his problem or request assistance from any other person until the final response is obtained from the service provider so that there is no conflict in providing the service. 30 - The customer must provide all the information is correct and he is responsible for providing any information that helps solve his problem and when he refuses to provide information or provide incorrect information, he is not entitled to demand the amount of the service. 31- The customer has the right to use his account at the time and implementation of the service and is not entitled to prevent the provider

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